I've spent over a decade creating, analyzing, and polishing content to help companies ensure their message, product, and user experience shines. A quick overview of my work: 

  • Publishing | Starting as an editorial assistant at a boutique publishing firm, I advanced to become an associate editor, helped launch two new imprints, and wrote a children's book along the way. It was a privilege to work with well-known architects, design firms and authors from across the globe, ensuring their work was pristinely and accurately showcased in our monographs.

  • Finance | As part of a consulting firm whose primary client was a Top 5 bank, I specialized in crafting challenging customer-facing communications that contained highly sensitive content. Among other accomplishments in this industry: developing training materials and branding guides, contributing to company blog posts, and live blogging at Finovate.

  • Marketing | I managed the content for a variety of higher‐education websites, building my SEO, management, and content planning skills. I oversaw a team of freelancers and spearheaded data‐driven ranking campaigns, collaborating with creative and engineering teams over site redesigns, developing technical tools such as career path quizzes, cost calculators and scholarship databases, while driving PR efforts to obtain valuable backlinks to our pages.

  • Tech | Currently part of the Pocket team at Mozilla, I edit, publish, and help vet syndicated content from dozens of publisher partners, while also curating collections of interesting content from around the web to ensure Pocket can create high‐quality recommendations for its users. Some of the many joys of this job include collaborating with engineering/marketing/design teams to create cleaner, more efficient in-house CMS tools, and supporting the editorials team's Best‐of and other collection campaigns.

I am always eager to help clients and companies market their brands in bright and compelling ways, so let's talk.